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  • Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    by Steve A Klein
Sell When You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!
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About Steve A Klein

Steve A Klein, author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!” and CEO of the Professional Development Center, has developed a wide range of sales and personal development training. His training focuses on such key issues as relationship leadership, attitudes, team building, sales management, sales negotiation, tracking and prospecting, customer service, self (time)-management, communication skills, and cultural and behavior change.

Course Outlines


Working with Individuals who want to double their sales in less time and Leaders who want to motivate and develop their people!

Course Outcomes:

  1. Increased sales (revenues)
  2. A better sales process
  3. Better selling strategies
  4. Increased customer relations
  5. Better use of time
  6. Better self-management
  7. Accomplish additional objectives
  8. An increased ability to change
  9. More effective leaders
  10. Better Coaches
  11. A more motivated and inspired staff
  12. Increased people development

Courses & Training

Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!

Participants will learn how to change from focusing on results to focusing on activity by learning how to understand “Correct, Consistent Daily Activity (CCDA).”   This method helps sales people control what they have control over; which is activity, rather than results.  By understanding and developing an activity formula for sales, participants can help increase sales immediately!

This training covers all aspects of selling including:

  •  Developing Relationships
  •  Tracking the Sales Process
  •  Developing a Sales Process
  •  Changing Sales Habits

How to Slay Your Dragons!

Participants will have a step-by-step plan readily available to them to use at any time for both personal and business objectives.  This training covers a five-step method to not only change but to also achieve targets and objectives in the process.  It first focuses on what success truly is and helps guide the participants toward developing specific plans using time-tested tools.  

This training focuses on:

  •  The three types of motivation
  •  What attitudes really are
  •  Mental ownership
  •  A plan of action 
  •  Going outside the “nine dots”

VALUES-Driven Leadership

Participants will leave this session with a renewed understanding of not only how to lead their people more effectively but also an understanding of how to develop each and every one of their people through communication and empowerment.

Managers will develop Leadership skills by:

  •  Developing a Vision for their people
  •  Focusing on the correct Attitudes of their people
  •  Listening to their people
  •  Understanding their people 
  •  Displaying Empathy for their people
  •  Using Systems to measure and monitor their people

The Time of Your Life!

Since eighty percent of what we do is unfocused activity, participants will leave with a time plan to become more focused.  They will have the answer to what the six most important activities are that pay the both them and their company the most amount of money.  They’ll also have the Ten Commitments to make the changes in habits and attitudes necessary to accomplish much more in the same or less time.

They’ll discover:

  • Control over yourself & your time
  • Developing a time plan
  • A time analysis modification
  • Playing the “Numbers Game”
  • “Proactive” over “Crisis Management”
  • Effective Personal Management

Management by Strengths

The MBS Team Building Program is a proven method of communication that teaches how to recognize and focus on the hidden strengths of others.  The training helps participants learn to focus on the strengths of their coworkers and customers.  These working relationships will directly and significantly affect their effectiveness through others.

MBS concentrates on:

  • Productivity
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Morale
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership
  • Customer Relations
  • Sales Techniques
  • Employee Selection

Positively Outrageous Customer Service!

Participants will learn the art of satisfying customers so they will remain loyal to your business for life. A positive experience can make the customer feel great, or a poor one can leave such a negative taste in her mouth that they will never do business with you again. There is no substitute for “outrageous” customer service. Outrageous service that meets and exceeds customers’ wants and needs can separate the mediocre organizations from the cream of the crop.

Course Objectives:

  • Appreciate how customer service efforts impact company profits
  • Prioritize and focus on the top expectations of customers 
  • Identify one’s own personality style and the personality styles of customers
  • Apply personality knowledge to communicate more effectively with customers 
  • Make better choices to improve attitude 
  • Develop a personalized strategy for improving listening skills
  • Cause each customer to remain loyal and to spread the word

Coaching For Improved Performance and Results (Enhancing the Human Connection)

Improved results come from improved performance and improved performance requires behavior change.  We believe that people change three ways: slowly, rarely, and never and that people love change, they just don’t like to be changed. However, with effective coaching, people can and will make major improvements.

Effective coaching involves using appropriate techniques in the following areas:

  • Improving Performance & Results
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Clarifying Goals and Expectations
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Keeping Score
  • Conducting Coaching Sessions

Culture Change for Leaders

Leaders are the catalysts for change in any organization.  Organizations must begin to change the attitudes and direction of every individual to compete in today’s marketplace.  This session initiates an educational process to improve the understanding and handling of interdependence among Managers and all of their people.  The long-term objective is to empower individuals with the skills and attitudes that foster leadership and mutual growth for the entire organization.

Culture Change for Leaders’ objectives:

  ASSESS where you are today

  VISION what you want to be, in which growth and leadership are outcomes

  PLAN to reach the vision, including first steps

  COMMIT to the attitudes and practices that lead to growth and leadership.

Improving Performance & Results (Enhancing Your Personal and Organizational Productivity)
Improving performance and results comes from a combination of right actions (behavior) and right thoughts (attitude). In addition, it requires investing time more effectively, collaborating with members of a team, communicating effectively, and setting and achieving goals.

  • Improving Performance & Results Objectives:
  • Improving Personal & Organizational Productivity
  • Attitude is Everything
  • Manage Yourself, Not Time
  • Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Mastering Intentional Communication
  • The Role of Goals in Achievement

Getting Results Through Others
(Enhancing Your Personal and Organizational Productivity)
Getting results through others is the key to growth, productivity improvement, and profit. Anyone who manages or supervises anyone else can benefit from the action-packed ideas in this program. Participants will learn to improve productivity, motivate people to produce, delegate, and build a high performance team.

Course Objectives:

  • Helping Team Members Be Productive
  • Authority and Influence
  • Activity and Results
  • Clarify Goals and Expectations
  • Motivating People to Produce
  • Training Techniques That Work
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Creating Synergistic Teamwork