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  • Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    by Steve A Klein
Sell When You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!
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About Steve A Klein

Steve A Klein, author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!” and CEO of the Professional Development Center, has developed a wide range of sales and personal development training. His training focuses on such key issues as relationship leadership, attitudes, team building, sales management, sales negotiation, tracking and prospecting, customer service, self (time)-management, communication skills, and cultural and behavior change.

VALUES-Driven Leadership!


Managers are currently dealing with a tremendous amount of change. Change in the product, change in the customer and change in the way the product and service is sold.

Today's Manager needs to deal with all of this change daily, yet be able to communicate with and develop every single employee. This can be an enormous task. But it can be done.

Managers need to become "Leaders!" This amounts to:

  • Developing a Vision for your people 
  • Focusing on the correct Attitudes of your people 
  • Listening to your people 
  • Understanding your people 
  • Empowering your people 
  • Using Systems to measure and monitor your people other words: "VALUES-Driven Leadership!"

Part One: What is Leadership?
Managers will be able to understand the basic components of Leadership, while being able to apply them to the business environment. This module focuses on the changes being made in business, and how to make them work to your advantage.

Part Two: Leadership and Motivation
Leaders must have the ability to understand why their people do what they do...and why! Here's where we understand how we get results and how to gain more control of those results.

Part Three: Leadership VALUES
The first of the six Leadership areas: Vision. Not only will your vision of success become clearer, but you'll begin to see why you and your people may have different expectations.

Part Four: Attitudes/Listening/Understanding
Attitudes form your ability to communicate with your people. By developing the communication skills of Listening and Understanding, everyone's results will begin to improve.

Part Five: Leadership Success through Systems
Managers become Leaders through the understanding of Delegation and Empowerment. Our final module concludes with the measurment of success and the mistakes to avoid.