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  • Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    by Steve A Klein
Sell When You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!
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About Steve A Klein

Steve A Klein, author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!” and CEO of the Professional Development Center, has developed a wide range of sales and personal development training. His training focuses on such key issues as relationship leadership, attitudes, team building, sales management, sales negotiation, tracking and prospecting, customer service, self (time)-management, communication skills, and cultural and behavior change.

The Time Of Your Life!


There is no such thing as "Time Management." Time manages itself very well. But there is a very important concept called "Self-Management," which few of us have had the opportunity to understand and develop.

"The Time Of Your Life"is an interactive session designed to help the participants understand their attitudes toward time, help them uncover why they're not using this important asset to it's fullest, then help them develop their own time plan for increased productivity.

Self-Management consists of...

  • Control over yourself and your time
  • A time analysis modification
  • "Proactive" over "Crisis" Management
  • Developing a time plan
  • Playing the "Numbers Game"
  • Effective Personal Management


Part One: How Did I Get Here Doing This? 
Most of us have no idea how we developed the habits and attitudes toward how we currently manage ourselves to the time available. We all have the same amount of time to use or misuse...we're not getting any more!

Part Two: Pareto Principle
Eighty percent of the most productive things we do are accomplished in twenty percent of the time. Therefore eighty percent of what we do is unfocused activity.

Part Three: High-Payoff Activities 
What are the six most important activities that pay you and your company the most amount of money? Now, what are your most critical challenges that cause you not to do what you're paid most for?

Part Four: The Tyranny Of The Urgent 
There are four quadrants of activity. the first is the Crisis Quadrant. The second is the Planning Quadrant. Reversing the focus on both can double your output immediately.

Part Five: The Ten Commitments 
This is where we lay out the changes you've made on a day-by-day basis. This process will begin to make the changes in habits and attitudes necessary to accomplish much more in the same, or less time.