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  • Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!
    by Steve A Klein
Sell When You See The Whites Of Their Eyes!
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Steve A Klein, author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!” and CEO of the Professional Development Center, has developed a wide range of sales and personal development training. His training focuses on such key issues as relationship leadership, attitudes, team building, sales management, sales negotiation, tracking and prospecting, customer service, self (time)-management, communication skills, and cultural and behavior change.



These "dragons are the thoughts and attitudes that permeate our minds negatively. Until we can "slay" the negatives, we will have a difficult time accepting changes we must make.

Change is all around us, and it is constant. We need to develop the ability to focus on results while moving in our planned direction, as everything and everyone try to pull us off course.

Change begins with...

    * The three types of motivation 
    * What attitudes really are 
    * Mental ownership 
    * A plan of action 
    * Going outside the "nine dots"


Part One: What Is Success?
Understanding we are successful is critical in the development of planned results. And understanding the "results chain," will better prepare you for change.

Part Two: The First Of The Success Keys - Visualization
If you can't see it, you can't believe it. Belief is the strongest motivational force known to us. Let's direct change by seeing the end result first...the "Merlin Factor."

Part Three: Success Key #2 - The Plan 
Ninety percent of all failure occurs from giving up too soon. Here's where we turn the "fear of failure" into the "habit of success!"

Part Four: The Third Key - Desire 
Bobby Knight said: "I'd rather have a player with 100% desire and 50% ability, than the other way around." Now your "end results benefits" will take over.

Part Five: Confidence - Success Key #4
Shakespeare wrote, "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win be fearing to attempt." Turn fear, doubt and worry into action.

Part Six: The Final Key - Determination 
Follow through, regardless of obstacles, criticism, circumstances, and regardless of what other people say, think or do. Now the controlled change brings the results you have planned.